Short & Sweet Version:

     Married: Yes. Married to a curly-headed professor.

Kids:  Three beautiful & brilliant teens.

       Heart & Soul: Believer in God the  Creator of the spectacular Heavens & Earth.

   Education: Bachelor's Degree in Child Development

Photography Faves: Canon camera, Golden Light & Thou. And when a  loved one gets so overwhelmed   w/emotion that the whole world drifts away.

   Favorite Movie: Father of the Bride! 

   Favorite Music: Anything dramatic & storytelling like 

   Favorite Color: Red, Orange, Yellow

     Favorite Activity: Currently obsessed w/the outdoors and walking.

       Favorite Holiday: Christmas, but my favorite season is summer!

        Favorite treat: Anything Chocolate & a Starbucks Iced Coffee!

Have you ever walked through a golden field at sunset, through a grove of trees with speckled light, or under a pier on a sunny day? Have you ever seen the mix of black stormy skies and green hills lit up by the sun just before the rainbow appears? Have you ever seen her standing in the most perfect of light with the sun in her and soft light in her eyes? THAT is a huge part of my style. LIGHT, Rich Color, the elements and YOU...bringing heart & soul to an image.  

mY style

My style is showing you in the best light. Literally. I also like to know your style. Are you adventurous and bold or reserved and peaceful? Do you want a styled session with a theme that reflects you or is beauty and simplicity more your taste? 

If my love for light and color and creativity can mix with your unique style then we can definitely, together, create moments that take your breath away. 

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