Destination Photography? Yes, please! Engagement Photography in Paris. Yes? Wedding Photography in front of the most iconic landmarks in Paris? Yes, yes and yes! People in love, my camera, MY love and more. It was the MOST amazing trip ever. I’ve always wondered…How do I become a destination photographer? Just GO! And don’t forget your camera! Destination photographers, watch out. I have the travel bug.

Destination Photography & Love

My husband and I celebrated milestones birthdays this last year and there was no better place to celebrate than in Paris!  It was our first European trip with the just the two of us and it was magical in every way.  I will never forget arriving in Paris and taking the metro to our hotel in the Latin Quarter (which is a super cool, artsy/cafe-filled community).  We walked up the steps from the metro…it was just getting dark outside, orange leaves blew across the ground, the recently rained on cement glistened & sparkled as it reflected the city lights, and a man sat just outside the metro steps playing the accordion. Seriously. And if that wasn’t enough…the architecture was classically Parisian. It was like walking onto a movie set.

California Photographer in Paris

Over the next week we went to the classic touristy spots, strolled the streets, rode the metro (my favorite) and sat in cafes to people watch.  We also went to a super cool jazz club in an underground 12th century wine vault. We were the only Americans in there, so it felt extra authentic and memorable. As you’ll see below, it even snowed while we were there. The freezing temps didn’t stop us from walking about.

We also to the train to Versailles.  It’s probably one of my favorite places ever. Beautiful !  We particularly loved Marie Antoinette’s Hamlet at Petit Trionon.  You can read more about the history of the chateau and hamlet here!  We fell in love with the property, so much that we went back one more time before we came home.

Because European countries are so close to one another, we had to go to one more place…Germany! Yep! We rented a car, quickly re-learned how to drive a stick shift, and hopped on the autobahn (after taking a train to get there!).  It was quick and beautiful! We walked through the Black Forest, had lunch and watched people ice skate outdoors in Baden Baden (a fancy resort town), and then went to a Christmas Market in Freiburg.   Simply Amazing.

Finally, we went back to Paris to say goodbye to the City of Light. Absolute best trip ever. Unforgettable and Magical.

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